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Next, Dynamics GP Check Number that is!

Posted by Belinda Allen on Apr 1, 2012 9:19:00 PM

When printing checks in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables, if the next check number is wrong, where do you change it?

Open the Checkbook Maintenance window under Financial Cards, and open the checkbook. The next check number field is on the left side.

Checkbook Maintenance also gives you the ability to control a couple more payables check items: 1) the ability to override the next check number and 2) the ability to allow for duplicate check numbers.

If you use a MICR check writing system, then there should be no need to ever change the next check number as your check stock does not have the number pre-printed on it. So preventing the overriding of the check number might be useful.

As a rule, you never want to allow for duplicate check numbers. Occasionally the need may arise (for example if you purchased new check stock and some of the numbers duplicated or if you had a printer jam and do not want to throw good checks away.) I suggested preventing the ability to duplicate checks and turn it on only when needed, and turning it back off as soon as possible.

Tags: Payables Management, Bank Reconciliation