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What Dynamics GP Bank Transaction Line goes where?

Posted by Belinda Allen on Apr 1, 2012 8:19:00 PM

OK, while entering Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Transactions, we've all seen the "Paid To" or "Received From" lines (depending on whether it's a transaction increasing or decreasing the bank balance. We've also seen the "Description" Line. Where does each line go?

The "Paid To" or "Received From" line goes into Bank Reconciliation. So while looking at bank registers (in reports and inquiries) you'll see what is entered here.

The "Description" Line goes to the General Ledger.

If you leave both or either blank, it'll update as a general "bank transaction." Not very good at providing the information you are probably looking for while performing an inquiry.

What do I like to do? I like populating both lines with the same information, who the money went to or was received from. This will be much easier with version GP2010 since the right mouse click will give you copy and paste functions.

How do I populate both lines with the same information? I've used some of the customization functions we talked about in yesterday's comments. I used VBA to create a script to copy the "Paid To/Received From" line and paste it on the "Description" line, every time I click on the "Paid To/Received From" line. It saves me time, and populates both modules (Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger) with accurate and complete information!

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