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Void a Microsoft Dynamics GP Invoice or enter a Return?

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 3:56:00 PM

OK, let's say you use Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (aka SOP, Advanced Invoicing) and you have a posted invoice that you want to void....

Do you A) Void the invoice using Receivables Posted Transactions? or B) Enter a SOP Return?

The Correct Answer is B! If you void the invoice in Receivables you've updated Receivables and General Ledger properly BUT.... You lose the ability to create Analytics (operating reports) from data from SOP and if you use Inventory it will be wrong as well.

It's too easy to issue a return that essentially voids a credit. Open the SOP window, enter all the information for a return up until line items, then choose copy from Actions at the top and copy the invoice as a return. This way, you still update Receivables, GL and now Inventory (if you use Inventory) AND your SOP data is intact so Smartlist is an accurate reflection, as well as all SOP reports and reports you've built that produce sales data.

There are a few more steps this way, but what you produce is important, so take the time to keep your Analytics right!

Tags: Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing