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What's up *.dic, Dynamics GP Reports.dic that is

Posted by Belinda Allen on Apr 1, 2012 9:09:00 PM

What is this file?
The Microsoft Dynamics GP Reports.dic is the file that holds all modifications and new reports that print directly from GP. More often than not, this file is stored on a shared drive so everyone accesses the same file. This saves a lot of commotion if a change to a report is made.

As soon as you log into GP, you start accessing this file and stay connected to it the entire time you are logged in GP. Since everyone logs into the same file and stays connected to it, it will occasionally corrupt.





If it becomes corrupt, it’s very easy to fix.

  1. Get everyone out of GP, rename the Reports.dic (leave the extension *.dic.)
  2. Open the Report Writer; this will create a new Reports.dic.
  3. Click on the Reports Button, which will now be empty.
  4. Click on the Import Button, and point to the renamed Report.dic in the Source Dictionary field.
  5. Highlight each report on the left (Source Dictionary Reports) and click on Insert to include it on the right (Reports to Import), then click Import at the bottom.
  6. Exit Report Writer, you are finished!

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