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Using Microsoft Dynamics GP Source Documents to identify GL entries

Posted by Belinda Allen on Sep 6, 2012 3:08:00 PM

Today I want to talk about identifying journal entries that come from a particular source. An example of this would be entries that come from your CPA. Whether the entries are received after a month end financial statement review, end-of-the-year review or after an annual audit you may want to track that these entries come from your CPA rather than your internal team.

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The easiest way to accomplish this in Microsoft dynamics GP is to create a new source document. Every journal entry in the general ledger is assigned a source document to identify where this entry originated. For example, if this entry came from payables management module and was an invoice the source document would PMTRX. So let’s create a source document called CPA to identify all transactions that we receive from our CPA.

To do this will open up the source document maintenance window, this can be found on the administration view, set up, and posting. Once you open the source document maintenance window simply enter in the ID, in this case CPA and enter in a description.

While you are entering in a general ledger journal entry in the financial series you can now perform a lookup on the source document and find your new source document ID called CPA. Once you have entries in the system, both posted and unposted you can use inquires and tools such as smartlist to look up these entries.

This particular feature is good for both CPA entries and any other kind of entry you want to track. But please note that transactions that come from other modules will already be defaulted with their particular source document. So for example source documents would not be a good place to track projects. You would not want to change the payables transaction entry from PMTRX to a project ID as this would create confusion as to the original source of this entry.  So only use this feature for GL transactions that you are entering.

This is another simple little feature that can save you oodles of time.

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