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Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Approvals

Posted by Belinda Allen on Jan 4, 2013 7:29:00 AM

OK, so you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP with the Purchase Order Enhancement “Approvals” but now you want to see “unapproved” Purchase Orders in SmartList.  What do you do?

Out of the box, GP’s PO Enhancements do not get added to SmartList objects, so I’ve done that for you here.  To utilize this feature you must have a license a GP’s “SmartList Builder.”  This blog posting includes a Contact Form to request a free XML file that you can import into SmartList Builder.  After importing you’ll have access to a SmartList Object for Purchase Orders with the Approval status AND you’ll have access to an Excel File that will reside with your other “Excel Refreshable Reports” that includes “Drill back” into GP pulling up the PO in question.  Note to use the Drill Back feature you must have GP installed on the same machine you are using AND you must be logged into GP.

  1. Pull up the Excel Report
  2. Data Refresh for an updated List
  3. Highlight the Purchase Order you want to review or approve and double click
  4. Review in GP, approve in GP
  5. Back in Excel, click on Data then Refresh to update the report.

If you are not using the Purchase Order Enhancement “Approvals then this SmartList will yield NO information on it.  You will not get an error, but you will not get any data either.

You’ll also note from this video that I am using GP2013.  Here’s an opportunity to get a sneak peak of this very cool new release!

Microsoft Dynamics GP PO Approval is on the mind of Belinda the GP CSI

  Request File

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