This is all about how I use GP, based on what I learned in my investigations with clients...

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Manage Purchase Orders with Excel

Posted by Belinda Allen on May 7, 2012 5:32:00 PM

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP and have ever wanted to easier way to monitor open purchase orders and line items that have been received and not invoiced, you’re in luck.

I will show you how to use Excel Refreshable Reports to monitor both Open and Historical Invoices.  It’s easier than you might think!


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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Miscellaneous Check

Posted by Belinda Allen on May 4, 2012 11:58:00 AM

Need to print a single check for a one time purchase using Microsoft Dynamics GP?

In this video, I’ll show you how to do just that!  I’ll use the Miscellaneous Check Entry Window to avoid having to setup a vendor to get 1 check.

Here the gotchas:

  1. You can only print a check for a bank account that uses the functional currency for the company.
  2. The formatting of this check is separate from the formatting of the Payable Management Check.
  3. You cannot put these checks in batches, its enter-print-post!

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory Item Cost

Posted by Belinda Allen on May 2, 2012 4:03:00 PM

In this video I will walk you through the scenario where receiving items (both with and without Lot Numbers) in Microsoft Dynamics GP can create an entry where the Lot Number is duplicated with a quantity of 1 with a Cost much higher than the remaining items.

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Dynamics GP Reporting Panel Discussion

Posted by Belinda Allen on Apr 17, 2012 5:14:00 PM

I will be on the panel for this free Webcast answering your questions about reporting in Dynamics GP!

Join our panel of experts in financial reporting tools forMicrosoft Dynamics ERP to learn the latest thinking on the tools and techniques for building the right reports for the right audiences with the right data. Learn how top minds in the field are using the Microsoft technology stack to enforce compliance, improve secure access, and optimize data visibility and intelligence in different scenarios and in different types of businesses.Is your organization's financial reporting maximizing the tools at its disposal? Do you find yourself producing less than optimal layouts for your executive team based on the tools you have on hand?

Join us on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 11am EDT (GMT -4) to ask the experts your questions and learn about topics including:

  • When to use out of the box reports vs report writers
  • Potential regulatory hurdles for private and public companies that you should be planning for today.
  • What to expect when moving from FRx to Management Reporter
  • How to justify an investment in SQL Server Reporting Service report development
  • When to embrace - and avoid - Excel reports

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Why do we have to age Dynamics GP Receivables?

Posted by Belinda Allen on Apr 1, 2012 7:43:00 PM

I frequently get asked "Why is there a separate step to age Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounts Receivable?"

Believe it or not, it's actually a benefit to you.

I have a client who charges their customer a finance charge for all invoices 30 days or older; however experience tells them that many times they charge finance charges, only to receive the payment within a day or two causing them the extra work of writing off the finance charge.

We worked together and created a very smart plan. We change the aging periods from 1-30 to 1-45, then age and charge finance charges for invoices over 45 days old. We then change the aging period back to 1-30 and age again. This method, only ended up charging finance charges for invoices over 45 (even though their customer is expecting over 30)days old.

There are many reasons you may want or need control over aging, and with GP you have it!

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Dynamics GP, What work was posted today?

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 4:31:00 PM

Want to see what was posted today, or yesterday, or last week in Dynamics GP?

Use Smart list and add the "Posted Date" or "Originating Posted Date" to your object. This will be the actual system date (the date in the bottom right hand corner of your PC) or the actual date. This is a great way to see what was performed for the time period in question.

Another great reason to look at this field is for problem solving. Imagine that your checkbook (bank reconciliation) is in balance to your GL yesterday, but today it's not. Use Smartlist to see what was ACUTALLY posted today regardless of the GL Posting or Transaction date. That's where your problem will be.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP FRx Report Book, too powerful to miss using

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 4:28:00 PM

When Microsoft Dynamics GP FRx came out with the latest (and last) version (6.7) a module was introduced called Report Book. It was love at first site. I fell in love with the simplicity of creating a report that can be delivered in a single file.

I use this module with great joy. Sounds silly, BUT this module allows me to make sure I include all the data I need when I deliver my statements. It’s so great I started using it for weekly reports as well, even when an FRx report is not one of the deliverables.

With this module, you can add FRx reports and almost any other kind of document, like Excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.

Each week we send an operational report built in FRx (yes, you can build operational reports with a combination of financial and unit accounts), excel reports (that can be started in Smartlist) and Notes written in word.

The recipient of the FRx file needs only the FRx drilldown viewer to open this single file, and just the tiniest amount of guidance to use.

If you use FRx and not Report Book, you’re missing out on a real time saver!

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It's Dynamics GP "Payables Management" NOT "Invoices I need to pay"

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 4:26:00 PM

One of the most frustration situations I come across is when I walk into an existing user of Dynamics GP only to find they are using Payables Management (PM) as a fancy check writer rather than a tool to manage payables.

I often wish I had a portable soap box to stand on when I say "enter all of your every day and you'll reap all kinds of benefits!"

If you enter ALL invoices in PM every day, you can take advantage of tools. You can answer all of the following questions:
1) How much do we have outstanding right now?
2) What's due through next week?
3) How much is past due?
and more...

This is what PM is all about. Bank Reconciliation can print a check, payables is designed to help you track invoices by vendor, update the GL of transactions from invoices and their payments, determine when an invoice is due and when it's best to pay... Basically its a way to MANAGE your payables, hence the name Payables Management.

Did you know there is a report called Cash Requirements where you can enter a date and the system will show you all invoices due by that date with a total dollar amount?

Did you know the Cash Flow Module will look at PM and determine how much cash is due to flow out of the company by that due date?

Don't do extra work, let PM help you!

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Save Time and Effort with Dynamics GP Advance Lookups

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 4:23:00 PM

I have the need to look up invoices in Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing by the Ship to Address. Until I setup Advanced Look ups to help me, I didn't realize how much time and effort I used finding the right invoice. I then expanded my use of Advanced Look ups to include GL Accounts. Wow, taking advantage of a small featured yielded me great benefits!

OK, we all use the sort option in look ups for GL Accounts, going back in forth between account numbers and account descriptions. What if we could sort by another important option? You can...

AND IT'S EASY TO SET, how great is that?

Go To Tools - Setup - Company - Advanced Look ups

Select the list you want to add a custom look up feature to. Choose from the drop down list in to the soft field (change the description name if you want) save and your done.

The next time your in the that look up window, click additional sorts and now you can sort by your new custom window.

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My Favorite Dynamics GP Receivables Inquiry Window

Posted by Belinda Allen on Mar 29, 2012 4:21:00 PM

I love the Dynamics GP Payment Summary Inquiry Window! (Inquiry - Sales - Payment Summary)

This window tells you everything you need to know from a receivables perspective for a customer. It shows the last date of an invoice, payment and statement. It shows the last date it was aged.

There is also credit limit information, NSF and Write off amounts.

My favorite is the bucket (aging) information on the left. Highlight a bucket (aging period) and clicking the word "Amount" that is blue and underlined, the Transaction by Customer Inquiry window will appear showing only the documents that make up the balance you highlighted.
Note the buckets are aged based on the "Aged As of" date in the top right corner.

This is the perfect window to review the status of a customers account.

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